I am pleased to announce my first solo Chapman Stick album One Cloud!

This album presents a collection of original music that was developed over a period of five years (since I started focusing on the instrument in 2004). I've distilled many of my various progressive rock, folk and classical music influences, as well as techniques adapted from other musical instruments, and incorporated it into my own approach on the Stick.

My intent is to create soulful and intricate music that takes the listener on a journey though different moods, themes and sonic images. On the surface, there is often a mellow and melodic feel to the music on this album, but with careful attention one can also discover many subtle harmonic and structural completixies.

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One Cloud was ranked in August and November 2010 on the highly regarded NPR radio program Echoes


Technical Info:

I recorded the album in my home studio on an Apple Macintosh computer (using an Apogee Duet recording interface) and did all the mixing and effects processing in the digital domain (96 Khz/24 bit). Other than the high quality Apogee interface and Avenson DIs, no outboard gear was used- just Logic Pro and plug-ins by Wave Arts and Native Instruments.

The final mastering stage took a complimentary approach- Michael Romanowski used his audiophile analog/tube/tape methods (and great ears) to establish a deep, warm and cohesive sound. Not much compression or limiting was used: I resisted the trend to make the album "bright and loud" like many other modern recordings (which have a small dynamic range and often end up being fatiguing to the ears). Instead it has a smoother "vintage" audio quality that has more space to breathe. For best results, turn it up some more!