Check out three prominent solo Chapman Stick artists in historic downtown Fredericksburg VA, at The Colonial Tavern, on Thursday August 19 2010!

Greg Howard (Charlottesville VA)
Steve Hahn (Denver CO)
Rob Martino (Fredericksburg VA)

8 pm, $5 cover, 21+ after 10pm

Greg Howard - http://greghoward.com/

With over one thousand performances in front of diverse audiences (jazz and rock festivals, concerts and clubs, college music series, live radio concerts, street performances) and twelve recordings under his belt, Greg has made the instrument his own. His repertoire includes dozens of original compositions, as well as a wide array of material from the Renaissance through jazz and The Beatles, but his forte is his improvisation.

He picked up his first Stick in 1985 at the age of twenty, and quickly immersed himself in his new instrument. Greg's music is a product of the Charlottesville, Virginia music scene, which included a strong jazz and improvisational movement driven by musicians like John D'earth and Tim Reynolds, as well as spawning the Dave Matthews Band, with whom Greg collaborated on several occasions on stage and in the studio.

Steve Hahn - http://deepchocolate.com/

Steve Hahn excels on four instruments -- Chapman Stick®, trumpet, bass, and guitar. Further, he is proficient in classical, jazz, rock, and fusion styles. Hahn has performed in such famous venues as Carnegie Hall, New York City; Royal Albert Hall, London, England; and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the White House, and Constitution Hall, Washington, D.C., among many others.

Hahn wrote and arranged compositions especially for The Chapman Stick and trumpet for his first CD project, Stickburst, released in 1994. In 1993 Hahn received a grant from the Neodata Endowment, administered by AHAB, for the project Native American Music Meets The Chapman Stick, which culminated in his second CD, released in 1998; the CD features music of five Native American tribes transcribed by Hahn for Chapman Stick and percussion. Hahn's third CD, sh, also released in 1998, contains original jazz Hahn composed for Chapman Stick, trumpet, and percussion. The CDs have been played on more than one hundred radio stations across the United States.

Rob Martino - http://robmartino.com/

Music listeners with widely different tastes, from new age to folk to classical to hardcore metal have been attracted to different aspects of Rob's music- some find it pleasantly melodic and others are intrigued by the subtle complexities and artistry of the music. Rob has particularly drawn from progressive and art rock influences such as Jethro Tull, Rush, Marillion, and Genesis (as well as folk, Celtic and classical music genres) to develop his particular playing style and musical approach. His intent is to create soulful and intricate music that takes the listener on a journey though different moods, themes and sonic images.

In addition to making a strong impression at live performances, Rob’s music has a popular international online presence, gathering over a million views and thousands of subscribers worldwide on YouTube. He released his debut album "One Cloud" in May 2010.